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In the western part of Amsterdam, capitol of The Netherlands, in the postwar period, a vast area was being used to overcome the city’s high demand of housing.

New types of housing were being developed, with great quantities of public and semi-public open space.

Decades later, the city is still expanding, and there is the need to change these areas into a higher density of living, working an recreating.

A site near the neighbourhoods main entranceroad, and the railwaytrack, has been transformed into an area where a condensed form of city life is taking place.

Blocks of different heights are placed around an inner courtyard, where every inhabitant has its own garden. Within there are dwellings, but also 2 schools and a kindergarten.

A highrise on the corner of the site is making the presence of new developments everclear.

Adjacent, an existing schoolbuilding, was turned into a creative center for starting professionals.

On the facade, precast concrete ornaments indicate the coexisting of life and work.

Completed in 2008.

For KSKA Architects.