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In the vicinity of the city of Utrecht, The Netherlands, a new part of the city is being build for 80.000 inhabitants. The existing citycenter is not capable to fill in the needs. A new centre will be build, linked on to the main highways and railwayconnections. A parkingspace for 2,000 cars forms the base of this new artificial landscape. The roof of this underworld, where also the main distribution of the goods is handled, has a sloping relief. To have the suggestion of a pre-war city of Middle-Europe, staircases and alleys are incorporated. On the ground floor 40,000m2 of retailspace is organised, as well as the connection to the dwellings above. These 900 apartments are configured in 12 city blocks, and 14,000m2 of office space is integrated within.

An extensive study has been done to give shape to the urban, public life. With the making of models, the position of arcades, squares, passageways, parks and bridges was determined.

Under construction, expected to be completed in the year 2025.

For KOKON Architects & Planners.